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When did you realize what you want to become?


In one of my consultancy projects, I was approached by one of the youngest employees on the team and asked a simple question: when did you realize what you wanted to become? SIMPLE QUESTION? Yet, I was not able to give a quick response, rather it took me a while to digest the question and realized that I had never thought about that question, thus the answer was not readily available to me. And so I said, give me a second coz I never really thought about that... finally I said, "I really didn't/don't know what I wanted to become,...

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My Top Ten Lessons from my Neuroscience Class


I love learning new things. As a rule of thumb, I try to learn something new every quarter. The topic itself is less important than the actual learning itself, although I consider myself to be a practical learner. When I learn something new, aside from the topic having to be interesting, I enjoy it more when I see how I can actually apply it to my life or my work. One particular class that excited me was one I took on “The Neuroscience of Leadership” by Dr. Tara Swart and Deborah Ancona at the MIT Sloan School of Management. While...

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