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Take Responsibility for the Energy you bring into the Space!


I’ve always been someone that has been sensitive to sensing the “space” – quite an elusive concept to me until a few years ago when I was able to put words to it while learning about “the Space” concept at a leadership course. It finally made sense… Sensitivity to the space doesn’t mean I always get it “right”, not at all, it just means I am tuned in or conscious that there is “something” whether I understand it or not... Space, Environment, Mood, “The stuff not being said”…. Whatever you want to call it. I guess in a nutshell, the...

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How coaching supports my mission in life?

woman training

When I retired from corporate work 4 years ago, I was excited then with the thought of new discoveries that will come my way.  A lot of looking forward questions ran through my mind like “What opportunities are waiting for me?” “What can I now freely venture into without the pressure of being tied to an 8-5 schedule?” and “What are the new possibilities for me?  However along this excitement, it’s inevitable to be concerned with doubt and fear.  I had my share of “what if” questions and it was during this time that I seriously thought about what’s my...

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