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About Haraya Coaching

A purposeful change

Why We Exist and What Drives UsThe Haraya Coaching brand was born early 2016 and is part of a mother company called Business Hat, Inc. In 2012, Jackie Cañiza founded Business Hat in order to provide a practical support system for individuals and teams and to start promoting Coaching as one of its main services.

In 2016, the Business Hat team went through an extensive planning and discovery process and in order to walk our talk as a true Coaching company decided on a purposeful change to become clearer about our purpose and vision.

Soon after, our Haraya Coaching brand was born. It rings true to our mission, inspires us and represents what we truly stand for — supporting individuals and teams to live more purposefully.

Haraya Vision

Our vision is to nurture a co-created coaching ecosystem that exists for anyone willing to live purposefully.

What We Believe

Why We Exist and What Drives Us

Our approach in working with our clients and in all that we do is guided by a strong set of PRINCIPLES and we strive to have these present in all our work:

  • Honoring who you are. Every person and every organization has their own unique strengths, values and capabilities. We believe in harnessing these to allow our clients and partners to thrive and add more value to their communities and environment.
  • Creating with you, not for you. We partner closely with our clients in defining success, gaining a deeper awareness of what’s most important to them and figuring out a way to co-create a customized approach for them. We also believe that true collaboration entails seeing our clients through to execution of their plans through a follow-through process.
  • Going beyond what’s there. We acknowledge that every person is whole and has personal as well as professional aspects in their life. By allowing them to define their wholeness and balance they become more productive overall. We go beneath the surface and unearth what truly matters.
  • Coaching within your reach. We are certain about the positive impact that coaching can have on people and want to make this more and more accessible to organizations and individuals.
  • Living what we believe. This is the outcome we work towards. We dream of a world where everyone is willingly living a more purposeful and fulfilled life. We love having the opportunity to truly transform culture, lives and communities.


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