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Team Coaching

Corporate and Team Coaching - What We Do

  • Team Programs
    • Leadership Coaching & Development
    • Team Coaching & Development
    • Executive Coaching
    • 360-Degree Assessments
    • Personality Profiling
    • Personal Excellence & Impact
    • Creating a Customer Service Culture
    • Values Integration
    • Culture Change
    • Strategic Business Planning
    • Change Management
    • Process Improvement
    • Valuing Perspectives

  • Possible Coaching Topics

    What are some of the topics that Companies or Business Leaders seek out Coaching for?

    For our corporate clients we often work with organizations or business leaders that are going through a transition, working on clarifying and cascading their purpose, vision and values, wanting cultural change, working on improving employee engagement or enhancing their leadership capabilities.
    Other topics include:

    • Performing better at work
    • Making a career transition
    • Working more effectively as a team
    • Finding better life balance
    • Learning to manage a team
    • Starting a business
    • Enhancing leadership style
    • Improving business results
    • Starting to implement a new project

  • Benefits for Teams & Organizations

    What are some of the benefits companies / teams / organizations gain from Coaching?

    • Improves communication and performance
    • Raises engagement and promotes productivity
    • Enhances relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality
    • Contributes more effectively to the team
    • Gain more job satisfaction
    • Motivates people / team
    • Establish accountability and take action towards achieving goals
    • Helps identify solutions to specific work-related issue
    • Facilitates development of new culture / management style
    • Improves relationships among people and department
    • Demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss any thoughts or questions. Once we have an idea of what it is you are looking for we match you with an appropriate Coach and kick-off the coaching journey with you!
Get in touch with us today and experience Coaching and claim the life that you envision for yourself.