7F Finman Centre, 131 Tordesillas St
Bel-Air, Makati City

Business Startup Coaching Program

We believe that starting a business is one of the most rewarding activities a person can do. You get to work on your passion and earn from it, while at the same time helping provide employment opportunities. It’s meaningful work indeed.

We recognize too that it is not an easy task. Setting up your own business takes a lot of guts and includes a lot of risk, so having someone to support you through the process will be a huge advantage.

That’s why we designed this program. Depending on the specific needs of the Client, the coaching sessions may include the following topics (among others):

  • Values, Strengths and Interests Assessment
  • Purpose & Outcome Setting
  • Idea Generation
  • Data Gathering
  • Business Modeling
  • Market Research
  • Financial Modeling
  • Project Planning
  • Customer Engagement
  • Partner Engagement
  • Balancing business with other Life Areas

We want to help startup entrepreneurs find their passion and build a practical business model around it, and at the same time enjoy the process while learning and bringing out the best in themselves

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