7F Finman Centre, 131 Tordesillas St
Bel-Air, Makati City

Kurly de Guzman, Life Coach, Trainer & Consultant (Life coaching client & Cohort 99)

Being a self-aware individual and a coach myself, I thought that I was okay and I could manage on my own. I was wrong. It’s true that everybody needs a coach.


Cecilia, from Haraya Coaching, has helped me confront all my fears, realities and struggles face-to-face and come up with challenging yet realistic action steps. I remember after our very first session, I felt like a HUGE burden was lifted off my shoulders… a burden I’ve been carrying with me for the past months, and some probably even for years. She always has a very welcoming presence that makes me feel comfortable even telling her my deepest darkest fears and hurts. She has definitely helped me (and still is) helping me to move forward, open new doors, and embrace life.